As I was raking leaves today (New Year’s Day), the song Comedian by Steve Taylor came across my playlist and I found myself really pondering the words. Part of the lyric goes: “The King of One Liners had us thrilled. Then came the punchline; now we want Him killed. And when He’s gone…who gets the mic if it’s on?”

As we have turned the calendar, not just to a new year but a new decade, and anticipate the things 2020 may bring, do we stop to remember that God is always in control, even if we can’t see and therefore doubt? Do we still look to Him as we decide what things we’ll do this year?

The forefront issue in the US this year will be the most raging, turbulent election we have ever seen. Never has hatred (on both sides) been more displayed. We are so focused on who is trying to legislate whom, who is taking money from whom, who is discriminating against whom (sidebar: make no mistake- I have strong opinions on each controversy and I may or may not discuss a few in future blogs but it is not relevant here) that we have forgotten that God already knows the outcome and nothing is happening outside of HIS plan. We’ve tried to shove our own agenda into God’s face; we’ve ‘stormed the stage’ to ‘occupy His place’, but, though He lets us have our way (and face the consequences) for a time, He will not yield ultimate control of the mic forever.

So keep your faith, disheartened one’s: hope and contentment are always just around the corner when you read to the end of the Book and remember Who is in control of the end of all things.

Study to show yourself approved, do good to all as you are able, support the arts, and keep the faith.



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