Hello, my friends, and welcome to the first installment of my blog Lehmanade4TheSoul! There are a couple  reasons I decided to attempt this (and I say attempt because it will take awhile to learn the ropes vis-a-vis all the special trappings I can use to make you like reading my blog more, but meantime you might just decide I’m no darn good at this.): I have written several stories and opinion pieces on Facebook and in my local paper that have been critically acclaimed by my peers, who suggested I go write a blog. Also, on this very day I celebrate my 50th birthday. It seemed to be a good time to venture out into new territories, apprehensive though I be. I recently joined the Lion’s Club service organization, and now I, your humble servant, mentally take pen in hand (though actually fingers to keyboard) and invade your consciousness with the written word.

Allow me to introduce myself to those readers of whose acquaintance I do not have the pleasure, and also to explain how I chose the title for my blog. My name is Sheldon Lehman (pronounced “lay-men” not “lee-men”). A few years ago our son coined the phrase which I immediately deemed to be our family motto: “When life hands you Lehmans, make Lehmanade!” The rest I obviously stole from the book series of the similar title; I hope I’m not forced to change it…

I am a professional musician by trade; I serve as the Director of Music Ministries at my local church. I am a long-time piano and percussion player in our local symphony orchestra. I am a composer in several genres. However, since making music doesn’t pay the bills by itself (unless you are Daniel Barenboim or Emmanuel Ax, which I am not), I also drive a school bus full of middle- and high-school students. Interesting combination of vocations, huh? Yeah, that’s not the word I would use either, but sometimes in life you have to drink the Lehmanade you are poured.

I am married to a wonderful woman who is also a professional musician, namely a private violin instructor and the concertmistress of the same symphony orchestra. We have one child, a son who is a recent graduate of a decent university with a degree in what else? Music! (education).

I am a committed and unashamed follower of Christ, I tend to the conservative side of politics (since society demands we affix labels), and I am quick to speak my mind on a variety of topics. I like to expand my “little gray cells,” so I read and I solve logic problems and British crosswords in what little spare time I have, and I’ve been told I’m good with my words.

What can you expect to read on these pages? First, I might share my thoughts on whatever topic I feel like addressing any given day. Also, I will expound truths to you, truths which may make you uncomfortable but will hopefully also make you think. Lastly, my tortured mind occasionally dreams up short stories or vignettes you might enjoy reading.

Your comments will always be welcome, under the following conditions: they must be free from the profane, and they must avoid ad hominem attacking of others. And for my English teachers’ sake, please try to spell your words correctly!

Have a wonderful day, dear reader! Support arts education, study to show yourself approved, and always be kind and helpful to others.

Blessings, Sheldon

6 thoughts on “Against My Better Judgment…

  1. Outstanding initiative brother Sheldon. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the “good work”. Oh, and happy birthday. -Kevin


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